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Veronica T. Barton founded the Barton Law Firm in order to provide a highly personalized, detailed-oriented defense for every single one of her clients. Rather than handing cases off between multiple attorneys, as many firms routinely do, Veronica has found that taking the time to personally understand every single detail of her client's case gets outcomes that may have not been possible otherwise. 
Veronica received her bachelor's degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She then went on to earn her law degree cum laude from Loyola University Chicago. Veronica is admitted to practice law in the State of California, the U.S Federal District Court for the Central District of California, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Veronica has represented clients charged with all levels of criminal defenses, from simple traffic offenses to serious and violent felonies.
One of Veronica's most memorable victories was a recent jury trial in which her client was charged with felony domestic violence. His ex-girlfriend had accused him of strangling her. Although her client was offered probation at the last minute, he didn't take the deal. He  couldn't; he would've lost his job and ruined his future prospects. But if they lost at trial, he faced up to four years in prison. 
At trial, the prosecution presented photos of black bruises in the shape of fingers on the ex's neck. The prosecution presented multiple witnesses, including an expert witness who testified that the dark bruises on the ex's neck were caused by strangulation. They presented the tearful testimony of his ex-girlfriend.
But Veronica argued that her client had acted in self-defense: that the ex had attacked her client first. She ruthlessly cross-examined his ex. She argued each and every inconsistency to the jury and tore apart the ex's credibility. In the late morning, just after closing arguments, the jury began deliberations. By the end of lunchtime, they had a verdict: not guilty
Not only does Veronica fight hard for her clients, but her tireless attention to detail ensures that every single one of her clients receives the best possible outcome. To talk to Veronica now, call her at (213) 377-6102.



“Hey Veronica, it's [redacted]. I know you were just doing your job, but I really appreciate you believing me and proving my innocence. You really came through for me.”

—Compton, CA Client 


“Veronica… You Flippin ROCKED… Thank you for the amazing representation today. I am excited with my law firm and you as my attorney. Looking forward to our next court appearance.”

—Van Nuys, CA Client 


“We are doing well now, all thanks to you. December marked the first time I got to hug and kiss him in almost a whole year. We are so grateful for this second chance. Beyond appreciative of you!”

—Norwalk, CA Client 


“Ms. Barton, I cannot thank you enough... I appreciate your non-judgmental guidance and professionalism. By taking the time to critically analyze the facts of the case and always informing me of the best option to take in resolving my problem, you relieved the burden of stress I was carrying. Your negotiating skills and presentation of my case to the judge cast me in the best light possible.”

—Long Beach, CA Client 


”Thank you again and that is straight from my heart. You give me hope that people are still born good, you are great though.♥♥”

—Van Nuys, CA Client 


“Thank you for representing me in my case. It feels good to be home. You did a wonderful job.”

—Los Angeles, CA Client 


“I am thankful every day that my friend suggested your firm. You guys are helping me so much in this very difficult time of my life.”

—Pasadena, CA Client 


“My family and I sincerely thank you for all of your hard work. We are so grateful that we chose your firm to defend [my family member] in this case and are so happy with how it turned out. We appreciate you very much.”

—Los Angeles, CA Family Member of Client 


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